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Cleaning Marketing - Phillipsburg, NJ Hood Cleaner Case Study


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Phillipsburg, NJ

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The Situation

CCS Hood Cleaning wanted to use postcards to generate more leads for their business, so they contacted us to design a direct mail campaign that would get restaurant owners calling in.

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The Solution

Our marketing team designed an attention-grabbing postcard that would appeal to busy restaurant owners wanting to save money on their hood cleaning. Complete with not one but 3 different coupons (1 on the front, 2 on the back), the postcard was designed to reward restaurant owners for their initial and continued business. Here’s why this postcard worked:

  • First, the image of FIRE immediately grabs attention
  • The big bold headline (and red text) instantly tells recipients what CCS does
  • The large 15%-Off offer pops out as if saying “SAVE $$$ here!”

CCS Hood Cleaning provided their own list of restaurants they wanted to market to, so check out their results…

The Results

2 new customers — a 2,284% return on investment long-term

CCS Hood Cleaning signed up to mail their postcards 3 different times to their list, but just from ONE mailing they’ve already received new business. Just mailing 1,089 postcards has generated 2 new customers, an immediate 19.2% return on their marketing investment (ROI)!

Although 2 new customers may not seem like a lot, this is a long-term ROI of 2,284% because each new customer gotten equals continued business (aka, sales!) since restaurants HAVE to get their kitchen hoods cleaned on a continual basis. Therefore, CCS will continue to see revenue generated from these 2 new customers going forward. Plus, with 2 mailings still to go in their campaign, the full results from this campaign have yet to be seen!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us, and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other cleaning services!

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