USPS Holiday Mobile Shopping Promotion Postage DiscountWishing you could get a postage discount on your marketing this holiday season? Well, the USPS is going to be your Santa this year. From November 7th through November 21st (dates that include Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday) the USPS will be running what they are calling the “Holiday Mobile Marketing Promotion”, which gives marketers a 2% off their total postage fees.

Here’s what you need to know about the USPS Holiday Mobile Marketing Promotion and the postage discount that comes with it:

• It is valid from November 7-21.
• The discount is 2% off first class and standard presort mailings.
• To qualify, your mail piece must include a QR code that sends prospects to a website where they can order online. We can generate a code for you for free. No biggie.

So, what is a QR code?

QR codes are the little black and white squares you are starting to see all over the place (see image). When scanned with a smartphone app, they automatically take the person who scanned it to the website of the business that made the code.

Get Postage discounts by including a QR code on your postcard

QR codes are simple to generate, and can be added to your postcard without sacrificing much valuable real estate. Here is what a card in compliance with the promotion looks like…

Postage discounts available when you use QR codes like this

The USPS wants to help direct mail merge with newer marketing and sales strategies, like mobile marketing and online ordering, so they are rewarding forward-thinking business owners who are willing to use this new technology. It is a great idea that helps both them and the marketing industry. But most importantly, you reap the benefits!

Here is what the USPS says on the webpage promoting the Holiday Mobile Marketing Promotion:

As technology changes the marketing landscape, the Postal Service must ensure that direct mail continues to be a relevant part of the marketing mix. This promotion is intended to show how direct mail combined with mobile technology can be a convenient method for consumers to do their holiday shopping.

If you sell products online, we can in most cases easily make your postcard order comply with the specifics of the promotion, so you can take advantage of this great deal. And if you weren’t planning on mailing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, why not use this deal to your advantage? A 2% discount on postage isn’t nothing, and this opportunity only comes a few times a year. The less you spend to get the cards out the door, the more you keep when the sales and profits start coming in the door.

USPS Holiday Mobile Marketing Promotion Postage Discounts available for Cyber Monday

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