introEvery once in a while, I come across a super inspirational entrepreneur and think to myself, “I have to get their story and share it with my readers!”

And then I don’t. I get busy running my company and the thought just lingers.

Well, surprise!!! I finally did it! I went to LA, brought my son (who creates all the videos for, and we went to meet, film and interview Ellen Bennett, founder of Hedley & Bennett. She is an amazing young entrepreneur, and she just quit her day job 4 months ago!



Okay… I’ll back up. Ellen created a phenomenon in the apron world. Yep, aprons have a “world.” While working as a line cook at Providence in Los Angeles, Ellen decided professional aprons needed to be more stylish and comfortable. Thus Hedley & Bennett was born! And now their ampersand logo is a status symbol in the restaurant world…

hedley & bennett

I met Ellen in February 2013 at a marketing convention (on a cruise ship!) where I had been invited to speak. It was an international event, and while she was still soaking up all the info for herself, she was also working as a translator for the Spanish speaking attendees! Already impressive, right? We chatted and I just fell in love with her enthusiasm, youth, elegance and fun spirit. That was a year ago, when her business was only 6 months old. Today she has 8 staff and is raking in orders and fame, too.

Of course, I had to order a pair of these babies for our in-house chef and barista!

Of course, I had to order a pair of these babies for our in-house chef and barista!

She does NOT apply standard marketing at all. Its so interesting how she does it! You can watch the interview here. Go Ellen!!!

If you’re in the restaurant industry, do yourself a favor and visit! If you are all pumped up to talk marketing, call your consultant at 1-800-628-1804. ☺

What do YOU think about Ellen’s marketing ideas? Let’s talk!