As always, these small business website design analyses are here so you can see examples of website designs that incorporate all of the 5 essentials of business website design. I’m your host Shannon Johnson (PostcardMania’s Web Design Specialist), and my next analysis comes from the dog training and consulting industry. The business, Sam Ivy: K9 Consultants, is based out of Tampa, FL.

See the site in action:


This website uses a sophisticated and elegant color scheme, using deep ivy green as the background and browns and tans for accents. This helps support the brand of the company, because it matches the company name well. They are called Sam Ivy: K9 Consultants, and their website is dark green, like ivy is. This consistency really helps to build a recognizable and memorable brand. They use pictures and video, which engage visitors upon visiting. This is a great choice for both design and marketing.

dog training and consulting web design


Here are my favorite three marketing choices Sam Ivy made:

1.) Pictures and Videos — Sam Ivy uses a lot of pictures of happy dogs and their owners to give prospects an idea of what life would be like if their furry friend behaved itself. They also provide pictures of all of their trainers, so the prospect can see who they would be working with. This is great for building trust. In addition to the still pictures, they also put a video on their Home Page to show some of their training techniques.

2.) Contact Form and “Problems Fixed” list on the Home Page — This website has a great Home Page. It has the pictures as I mentioned above. It also has a list of behavior problems their trainers can fix. This is great at grabbing prospects attention, because they can look quickly and know if Sam Ivy can help them. The contact form on the Home Page is also essential, because it offers free dog training tips. That’s a great incentive to provide in exchange for prospects’ contact info.

dog training and consulting website design

3.) Testimonials Page — Prospects always want to hear about your company from the mouths of your current or past customers. Creating a page with testimonials is an excellent way to build credibility and trust.

dog training and consulting website design

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is the practice of optimizing the copy on your website so that search engines can understand what your website is about and how they should rank it for particular keywords. This website is optimized for dog training and consulting and canine/K9 behavior. These are great keywords that their prospects will most likely be using to find a dog trainer through Google.


The copywriting style on this site is a lot like the style of Sam Ivy’s dog training. It’s very personal and professional. You can tell they know what they’re doing by the way their services and philosophies are explained clearly and conversationally. It gives online visitors a glimpse at what they’re getting from their training approach, and it builds confidence in the prospects to call in for their free consultation appointment.


As always, programming isn’t an easy thing to spot, but this site worked perfectly. I ran into no problems with the navigation or video. That means other visitors who are looking for dog training services won’t be distracted by programming errors. They will be able to solely focus on the company, and deciding whether or not to call. That’s what you want.

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