1. Start collecting customers email addresses
Let customers know you email out coupons and specials. Sign up with an email service like iContact and start emailing out weekly or daily specials, new menu items etc. Send anything to keep your business on their mind. Get a free 30 day email marketing account to iContact.

2. Create a company Facebook page
Put up a sign up at your location asking patrons to “like” your business on Facebook for a free service or other giveaway. Download step by step Facebook marketing tips. (use download code: JOYSM)

3. Start posting pictures, specials and more on your company Facebook page
This will work similarly to your email marketing, it is simply another channel to stay in touch with customers. Here’s the link again for Facebook marketing tips on what to post. (use download code: JOYSM)

4. Find local businesses within a couple of miles who have 25 or more employees
You can find out how many there are by running a mailing list count online. Go in person, call them, or send a letter or postcard introducing yourself. Tell them you’d like to offer their employees a coupon for your services. See if they would be open to giving out coupons to their staff. Once their staff start coming in with their coupons, don’t forget step #1 above to stay in touch with them.

5. Find nearby businesses with heavy foot traffic (who are not competitors)
Visit them in person and see if they would be interested in a flyer swap. You will give their flyer to your customers if they will give out yours to their customers. If you can work it out so that you will each include a flyer in every bag with a purchase, this will be more effective for both of you rather than just leaving flyers on a counter or corkboard.

6. Start giving customers coupons for their next visit every time that they come in
Make sure the coupon includes an expiration date to encourage them to come back soon. If your average customer comes in once a week, make the coupon expire in the next couple days to encourage them to come back sooner than they normally would. View example coupon marketing ideas . (use download code: JOYSM)

7. Sign up for free local online business listings with the major search engines
Don’t know where to sign up? Download our simple instructions how to get free online business listings. (use download code: JOYSM)

8. Ask your best customers to review your business on Google, Yelp and Superpages
Download a free “how to” sheet on getting customers to write online reviews. (use download code: JOYSM)


Hope you find these FREE marketing resources helpful!

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