A Great Place to Work

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PostcardMania is a full-service postcard direct mail marketing company and the leader in innovation in the postcard marketing industry. The company's services include graphic design, printing, mailing list acquisition and mailing services. Added to our menu of products and services are landing pages (a specific web page for capturing leads), websites, video production (specifically for websites) and we continue to add products and services that enhance the return on investment for our postcard marketing clients. Additionally, PostcardMania is widely recognized through numerous awards for its highly effective marketing advice offered on its website www.postcardmania.com.

Since its inception in 1998, the company has helped businesses in over 350 industries nationwide expand through the use of direct mail marketing techniques. PostcardMania employs over 192 people and generated its highest annual revenue in 2010, reaching nearly $19 million. The company has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing privately-held companies in the USA. Joy Gendusa, the company's owner and CEO won the Tampa Bay Businesswoman of the year award in September 2008.

The PostcardMania Story

PostcardMania was founded in 1998 by Joy Gendusa - her only assets at the time a computer and a phone. After being sorely disappointed by a printing company when using them to promote her business, Joy Rockwell Enterprises, she had the bright idea to specialize in postcards and give all her marketing experience away for free. With no start-up capital, Joy started PostcardMania as a pilot project. She wanted to help other businesses have a more successful and positive marketing experience.

At that time business owners had to either, 1) pay dearly for marketing advice to ad agencies in order to gain the knowledge they needed in order to succeed in that arena or 2) go to commercial printers to have their direct mail campaigns printed, but were missing the valuable marketing lore that the ad agencies heavily guarded. In addition to that, the cost for 5000 postcards at that time was upwards of $1400 - Joy wanted to print the marketing tool in bulk for a fraction of the cost so that small business could participate in the successful actions that only larger business could afford. Joy innovated the industry by providing her prospects and clients with FREE valuable marketing advice for which ad agencies charged dearly and also gave them the benefits of affordable commercial printing thereby giving business owners and entrepreneurs a decisive resource by placing them in the driver's seat to their direct mail marketing campaigns.

She also saw that the best service and product would come from having a complete turn-key operation where she managed the entire process from marketing advice, to design, to card manufacturing, to even acquiring mailing lists and addressing and mailing the cards for her customers. Joy accomplished this and became the first postcard marketing company to do all of the direct-mail processes under one roof.

PostcardMania's corporate headquarters resides in Clearwater, Florida. Nationally recognized by prestigious organizations and publications for expansive growth, an award-winning web site and champion direct-mail campaigns, PostcardMania is recognized as lead generation experts in the direct mail postcard industry. Joy Gendusa remains at the helm of PostcardMania's empire and continues to seek out and cultivate innovative products and methods to simplify and empower the industry. The company's other two most senior executives have been with the company 11 and 14 years respectively. This longevity demonstrates a real stability of successful management.

The Maniac Mission

PostcardMania's purpose is to help people - business owners, company and corporate executives and entrepreneurs -- succeed in business by providing them the ultimate in postcard marketing that achieve for them their desired result and puts them in the driver's seat to their own expansion through direct mail marketing. The higher goal of PostcardMania is to foster the economy of this great nation by helping businesses all over the USA becoming burgeoning successes. Read our Mission Statement.

Company Culture

At PostcardMania, we operate as a team. We are all responsible for creating a completely successful company as well as a great place to work. We all work industriously and efficiently yet at the same time it is part of the company's philosophy to keep it light and fun. It was always the intention for this company to be an enjoyable place to work. Employees are treated with respect and care and in turn they demonstrate a passion to give their best back to the company. We all work to make the company stronger and better, and the company, the employees and our customers all benefit from this.

One very firm policy at PostcardMania is that we have no office politics. It is forbidden to talk negatively about other teammates. We are a team taking on more and more of the environment; we are not taking on each other. Correction of staff is done with respect and care.

The owner has created a very aesthetic environment for the company to work in. During 2008-2009 PostcardMania built a new multi-level headquarters building in close proximity to our print production and warehouse facility. During the spring of 2009 we moved into the new building which provides an even more pleasurable working environment.

Working at PostcardMania

Employees work hard and play hard. Make no mistake; working here is no walk in the park! We only hire people that not only need and want to make a living but also take pride in a job well done. We only hire people that enjoy work and enjoy the personal satisfaction of assisting the overall purpose of the group. We are not interested in those that are looking for a handout or feel entitled to a job. The best thing about PostcardMania is the staff we have procured. Those that we mistakenly hire - and we have erred in the past - don't make it here. We manage using statistics (a measurement of production) and accountability for every post here.

Growth. Our goal is to help more and more businesses succeed and grow. Our goal is to make PostcardMania the absolute best place to work - where the best of the best are busting down our doors for an opportunity to show us how they can contribute to that growth, We want to always be the biggest and best full service postcard marketing company in the country. Expansion is a must and contraction is not an option.

Employee Turnover

Employees are offered continuing education courses, during work hours! We maintain a low employee turnover rate by selecting our "Maniacs" with care, training them well to do their jobs, and having the sort of company where people like to come to work. Of our 192 employees, 53 have been here for more than five years and 97 of them have been here more than two years.